Edition X,  5 - 14 giugno 2015

notice of race 2015



The Towers Race is a regatta of National Calendar for Offshore Sailing, organized under the auspices of FIV and UVAI.

    Organizing Committee (coordinator: Dr. Mario Tomajoli Muscari, President of Regata delle Torri Saracene Association):


    Clubs Organizers of individual races:

1.       Naples - Sorrento: CN della Vela, LNI Sorrento, CN Torre del Greco

2.       Sorrento - Sapri (valid for the Italian Offshore Championship): LNI Sorrento, CN Sapri, LNI Acciaroli, CN Marina Lobra

3.       Sapri - Acciaroli: CN Sapri, LNI acciaroli

4.       Acciaroli - Sorrento: LNI Acciaroli, LNI Sorrento, CN Marina Lobra


    Coordination: “Regata delle Torri SaraceneAssociation


Race Office:

Associazione Regata delle Torri Saracene

REGISTERED OFFICE: Via Santa Bernadette, 6 – 00167 ROMA

Tel. 347.2883493

e-mail: sito web:


RACE 1   Naples – Sorrento                  June 5

RACE 2   Sorrento - Sapri                       June 6

RACE 3   Sapri - Agnone                           June 11

RACE 4   Agnone - Massa Lubrense      June 13

3    RULES

The regatta will be governed by the following rules, ordered by hierarchical prevalence:


1.       ANNOUNCEMENTS of the Race Committee (RC)

2.       ANNOUNCEMENTS of the Organizing Committee (OC)

3.       Race Instructions (RI)

4.       Notice of Race

5.       Standard for Offshore Sailing 2015

6.       Current Racing Rules of Sailing I.S.A.F. (RRS), including the FIV requirements


o      For the purposes of the Offshore Special Regulations, the Race 1 (Sorrento - Sapri), valid for the Italian Championship Offshore, will be considered for Category 3 with mandatory liferaft. Is required to observe the laws for the Italian yachting; In this context, the OC and RC are not responsible neither of their respect or their interpretation

o      From 8:20 pm to 05:45 am, the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) will replace the Second Part of the Racing Rules of Sailing. In case of conflict between languages, the Italian text of Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will take precedence. These, and any subsequent amendments, shall prevail over other regulations. With the subscription to "The Towers Race", the head of the boat declares: a) you have read and accept unconditionally the instructions in the Notice of Race; b) the full compliance of his boat to the regulations identified

o      Any releases of OC and RC will be published on website


The OC reserves to swoop engines and / or implement other systems to ensure the impossibility of proceeding with mechanical propulsion during the race, if not after crossing the finish line, or notice of its withdrawal. The measures will be detailed in the Race Instructions (RI).


Have an obligation to all boats, to be sure, before leaving docking, according to indications of the Sailing Instructions, of:

a. having received and installed the transponder and to keep it active for the duration of the race (*) and / or

b. have on board a smartphone with software tracing indicated by the Organization and to keep it active for the duration of the race

C. carry a VHF radio equipment, fixed or handheld, working at least on channels 16 and 72.

Any infringement to this rule will be sanctioned under Rule 44.3 (20% paragraph 44.3c) of RR 2013-2016.


(*) For use of the transponder, the competitors will have to pay a deposit of € 100, which will be refunded upon return of the unit


According to the new regulation 20 of ISAF, advertising is free. Boats displaying advertising must have a license issued by FIV for 2015. The Organizing Committee may require all vessels to expose the race number and one or more adhesive and / or flag of the Organization and / or sponsor, on each side of the hull, for the duration of the event. Numbers, stickers and / or flags will be provided by the Organization.

The OC may decide not be allowed to race boats bearing the trademarks, marks and names on the hull, clothing, sails etc. considered, by its unappealable judgment, in bad taste.


May be admitted boats cabin sailing monohull and multihull, length overall (LOA) minimum of mt. 7.00, empowered, under Italian law, or the country of origin, at least for navigation within 12 miles from the coast. At the discretion of the Organizing Committee (OC), may be identified classes with boats of different lengths. Regarding the race Sorrento-Sapri, round of the Italian Offshore Championship, boats must have a minimum of 9 mt lft.

STANDARD FOR OFFSHORE SAILING 2015: <They can compete for the title of cabin monohull vessels in compliance with current law governing sailing, with LH minimum of 9.00 meters and CDL maximum of 16.00 with free use of Athletes Qualify. The boats that do not satisfy the above characteristics, while participating in the individual legs, do not compete for the title 'Italian Champion>

Shipowners will have to fill, in every part, the application form (Appendix 1- Notice of Race) and will be holding a valid measurement certificate (ORC-INTERNATIONAL, ORC-CLUB) valid. If having not this certificate, will be grouped by length and will run in REAL TIME.

It is not allowed to participate in more than one class.

The boats will be divided, by the Organizing Committee, in groups according to criteria of competitiveness, consistency and number of participants. All decisions of the Organising Committee are final.

6    CREW

Each skipper will provide the OC crew list duly completed before each leg. Any change in the crew list will be subject to the approval of the Race Committee before the start of each leg.

The minimum number of crew members should be two people, both adults.

The minimum age of crew members must be 16 years old, made ​​by 31 december 2014. All the members of the crew under the age of 18 years to the day before the start of the race shall present a written consent of a parent or guardian, to be attached to the crew list submitted at registration before the race. The forms are available for download on the event website (Appendix 2 – Notice of Race).

All competitors must be in possession of FIV card valid, with valid medical certificate for the current year, or a card of the Sailing Authority of their country.

The head of each participating boat shall ensure that, within the crew, there are knowledge and experience to enable them to participate in this race and it is strongly recommended that the same manager and at least half of the crew members have previously participated in a race of long duration.

7    ENTRY

Competitors shall enter by completing the on-line entry form on the event website and paying the required fees. The entry form (Appendix 1 - Notice of Race) should be sent by electronic mail to the Race Office filled out and signed in all its parts, no later than June 3, 2014, at 24.00, enclosing all the documents listed below. Entry in the event is not final until payment and registration is completed.

Documents required:

  1. crew list, fully completed
  2. a copy of the FIV membership cards, to be attached to crew list
  3. written consent of parents for participants under the age of 18
  4. a copy of the measurement certificate valid for 2015, or a document proving the LFT boat
  5. a copy of the payment receipt
  6. check-list of safety equipment, with self-certification of
a copy of the certificate of liability insurance valid in accordance with prescriptions of

8    FEES

Registration fees, not refundable, payable by participating boats, are as follows:


By 30 March 2015:

• vessels within 10.00 meters LOA: € 140.00

• vessels over 10.00 meters and within 12,50 meters LOA: € 170.00

• vessels over 12.50 meters and within 15,00 meters LOA: € 200.00

• vessels over 15,00 meters LOA: € 230.00


From 1 April 2015:

• vessels within 10.00 meters LOA: € 170.00

• vessels over 10.00 meters and within 12,50 meters LOA: € 200.00

• vessels over 12.50 meters and within 15,00 meters LOA: € 230.00

• vessels over 15,00 meters LOA: € 250.00


a) Participation in "metric", without measurement certificate, increases the entry fee of € 30.


Before departure, boats shall be ​​available for inspection to the Race Committee, with the presence on board of at least one of the members of the crew.

The Race Committee, either directly, or through its officers, may perform any kind of control over the participating boats and related equipment. Subsequent inspections may be carried out even at the end of each leg.

Each vessel must be equipped with a motor functional and suitable for the propulsion of the same, WITH SUFFICIENT FUEL. The ignition of the engine is not allowed, not even for battery charging, and will result in disqualification of the boat. Any cases of serious reasons for starting the engine will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the OC .

The skippers of the boats must, however, self-certify the presence on board and the full efficiency of the allocations provided by law.


The Race Instructions will be notified by email and published on the website by 09.00 am on June 3, 2015.


Will be classified all the boats that have crossed the finish line within the time limit and in the manner specified in the Race Instructions and have handed the Observance Declaration (Appendix 1 to the Race Instructions) fully completed and signed.

Will be drawn rankings:

• CORRECTED TIME, for homogeneous groups, for classes ORC International / ORC Club. From this ranking, descend, by extrapolation, the rankings of the various groupings identified. For the calculation of the fees, will be applied to the option Time on Distance

• REAL TIME, for homogeneous groups, for those who compete in "metric"

• for the CREWS OF TWO PEOPLE, only for those who took part in the round of the Italian Offshore, as required by the Rules of the Championship itself

• in OVERALL, exclusively for those who participated in the round of the Italian Offshore Championship

For the assignment of the Certamen Perpetuum "The Towers Race", will apply the minimum score, and you can discard a leg, if will be racing all four legs to go.

The sole purpose of the Italian Offshore 2015, there is an overall ranking for the race Sorrento - Sapri (only boats with ORC certificate).

The first boat to cross the "gate" of Acciaroli will be awarded with the "Sabina Cup".


From the 12 PM of June 4, 2014, and until the end of the event, the boats shall not be hauled out, except with and according to the terms of prior written permission of the Race Committee.


Each vessel must be equipped with a VHF transceiver, regularly operating. The competitors must be listening on the official channel that will be communicated in the sailing instructions. During the race, a boat may use any kind of communication, provided that such use does not conflict with RRS 41. It 'strongly advised that participants, even those who have not installed the tracking software MAY BE INDICATED BY THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, have on board at least a smartphone connected to the web: all communication will be repeated on Twitter (@ TheTowersRace)

14    AWARDS

As in past editions, the awards will consist of cups, plates, objects and holidays offered by local operators.


The Shipowner, or one who rents a boat participant, must be in possession of a suitable insurance cover for third party liability, as FIV RR ISAF 2013-2016.


Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk: see RRS Rule 4: Decision to Race.

The Organizers, the Race Committee, the Protest Committee, the Tonnage Commission and all those who contribute to the running of the event disclaim any and all responsibility for damages that may suffer the people and / or things, both on earth and in water as sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta. Is responsibility of the shipowners, managers or board, to decide, based on the ability of the crew, the strength of the wind, the sea state, weather forecasting and everything else should be expected from a good sailor, if you go out at sea and take part in the race, or continue it.

17    SAFETY

All boats must remain compliant to the starting configuration (hull, appendices, structure , sails) for the duration of the leg. In case of failure, the replacement of the material can be made after the approval of the Race Committee, which may impose the penalties provided for by the Sailing Instructions.

Any change in the crew list will be subject to the approval of the Race Committee before the start of each of the three legs.

The competitors must be listening on the official channel. For the assistance, we refer to the official channel of the Coast Guard for emergency calls for the duration of the race.

Any and all non-compliance with security rules may result in disqualification of the boat.

It draws attention to the fundamental rule of ISAF, which states that all vessels must give all possible assistance to all boats, and all persons in danger, when they are able to do so.

In short, each owner contributes under his own responsibility and that of a skipper, one head of the boat, in accordance with art. 4 of the Decree of 3 May 1995.


By partecipating in the regatta, competitors automatically grant to the Regata delle Torri Saracene Association the right in perpetuity to make, use and show, from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproductions of the athlete during the period of the competition without compensation.

Boats may be required to carry cameras, sound equipment or positioning equipment as specified by the Organising Authority.

The competitors may be required to attend interviews or media press conferences.


For any information concerning the event (technical news, tourist, cultural etc.). Please contact the Race Office.


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